Our Dream Office Studio:

Stanley's Note:

Ponsonby Content Studio disrupts the idea of what a studio could be.

When we set out building our dream Studio Office, we asked ourselves a simple question.

What would happen if we took our 40+ years of combined hospitality experience and applied it to a Photography & Videography Content Studio?

We've rented so many studios around Auckland and one thing we noticed is the lack of service and hospitality.

It's not because they are run by bad operators it's just because of the business model, they run on demands that they keep it simple with low touch to keep costs low.

But, from our experience, so many businesses are often anxious and nervous when they come into a studio to make content.

It can be quite a nerve-racking experience.

What if we could offer an environment where people are welcomed into our Studio by a Studio Manager (Claire)?

Offered a proper coffee, or beverage of your choice.

Relax on one of our many lounge suites.

Change outfits in our beautifully designed changing rooms/toilets lol.

And then be looked after by our creative team while they help you make amazing content.

At every stage of the process, how can we make it a better experience for the customer?

This is the challenge we are taking on with our current Studio build.

Still so much to do but once it's all finished at the end of August it should be a super inspiring space to produce content of all kinds.

And we haven't even talked about all the efficiencies we are putting in to help people make content faster and easier. Like live edited podcasts so as you walk out, we hand you a USB with your episode ready to go live.

Follow along for updates as we put this all together this month.

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How * NOT * to post online | What if Ross Geller had a LinkedIn?

Have you been wondering why your posts aren't gaining any traction?

Well - Chris has been feeling the same.

After months and months of posting comprehensive articles about paleontology, he's not had any connections.

Luckily, Stan - whose job is to do with numbers and processing or something is for some reason really good at LinkedIn... so he gives Chris some advice on how he could improve his profile.

If you haven't guessed this week's How To video is about learning what not to post on your LinkedIn, with a bit of Friends flair.

Watch along to find out what you might be doing wrong...

Watch it here

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Success Stories - Success is Being With Sophie Randell

Our new marketing coordinator/jack-of-all-trades talks us through her journey into marketing!

As a natural creative, Sophie always thought she was going to go to art school. But eight months into it, she realised it wasn't for her and had to find a new way forward.

We're glad she winded up using her creativity to do marketing because we feel very lucky to have her onboard!

As well as talking about Sophie's journey, Sian and Sophie chat about the importance of discussing mental health in creative spaces.

You might have already seen that Success Stories is no longer...

Sophie was the lucky last.

Success Stories was our introduction to learning the tricks of the podcast trade and now we're moving into something a bit more up our alley with the "Guide Podcast".

Our first one is being released on Friday, make sure not to miss out!

Watch it here


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