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Stanley's Note:

Stanley, are you on TikTok now?

Well, yes, but when you are on top of your game, it's time to change the game.

In today's world, things move so fast that if we were to stand still, we would be irrelevant in no time.

We believe in this so much that we have invested in team members to build new product offerings.

And when I say invested, we have hired five people who only work on internal projects.

When you think our team is only 13 strong, five people is a large percentage of that team that aren't billable.

So, why do we do it?

Well, you could argue that the content these team members make is building brand awareness and maybe it is.

But the daily posts I put out on LinkedIn are responsible for probably 95% of all our client engagement.

The real reason we have five people pumping out podcasts, TikToks, Instagram posts, YouTube videos and everything else is that we are doing product development.

If my team can efficiently pump out TikToks that work and engage an audience for ourselves, then we can obviously do it for others.

So, I have tasked my newest employee Jony with the impossible task of getting to 10 TikToks per day for The Attention Seeker, it's going to take her a few months, and it will be a team effort. Still, after a handful of posts, we are already getting 10K+ views per post, 40+ new followers and 1,000+ likes.

Imagine that scaled up to 10 per day every day.

So, many businesses look at the cost of growing a business and get scared.

Scared to start,

Scared to continue,

Scared to trust the process.

They also focus on the outcome and not the process.

Trying to pump out content by brute force instead of a system that works.

Yes, the five salaries I'm carrying purely for product development and internal brand marketing are expensive, but it's more expensive to sit still and not evolve.

Give up a few personal luxuries in the short term for a significant return in the future.

When are you going to get on TikTok?

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Hiring is one of the most expensive parts of business.

Luckily, Stan has hired 1000s of people, so he knows the tricks of the trade. And after countless interviews - he knows the types.

The Jerks, the entitled people, the babblers, the cool guys.

He's seen them all before and he can pick them out in a heartbeat.

If you haven't guessed already, our second instalment of the How To... series is how to hire the right people!

We had a lot of fun (and mishaps) pulling this one together, but we hope you enjoy the outcome.

This whole process is a huge learning curve for the How-To Crew and we have really backed ourselves into a corner – as we have decided to do each episode based on a different TV show or movie. But in the long run, our skills at picking out and understanding structure, plot, filming techniques and characters will be developed and in a few weeks or months down the line, our production processes and videos are going to be a whole new level! We’re excited to take you guys on this journey with us!

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Somehow we nabbed a successful music photographer to join our team at The Attention Seeker!

Chris Morgan tells the story of how he got thrown into the New Zealand music industry and photography. Chris talks about how his photography skills evolved and the importance of understanding the set and the environment while giving us an insider perspective on what it's like to be a tour photographer.

It's such a pleasure to have Chris on board the team and use his unique skill set to make our clients look like rock stars!

If you didn’t already think that we’re cool…think again!

Due to popular demand, we’re now making insanely hilarious TikTok’s and trust us, you don’t want to miss them.

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