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We set the standard for organic content creation so that you can make the extraordinary impact you seek.


October 2019:
Stanley and Claire quit their hospitality careers and moved to New Zealand
Stanley started networking every chance he got and having coffees with all his new LinkedIn connections.
He also started posting content every day.

March 2020:
New Zealand went into a national lockdown due to the COVID pandemic.
Stanley had no choice but to go into business full-time as the hotel industry was decimated.
The Attention Seeker was born.
Everyone Stanley had been networking with now wanted his help to grow their LinkedIn Personal Brands

May 2020:
Stanley signed on his first client

June 2020: 
Stanley brought his dad Leicester onboard to help with the business

July 2020:
Stanley brought on his first offshore team member

August 2020:
Aleisha moved to New Zealand to join The Attention Seeker

January 2021:
Krupa joins the team. The Attention Seeker starts expanding into content production

April 2021:
Libby joins the team. The Attention Seeker starts expanding into LinkedInAds

August 2021:
Sian joins the team. New Zealand goes back into Lockdown, The Attention Seeker consolidates its offering into a Personal Branding service and expands into video production with Sian onboard

October 2021:
Shreya joins the team. We now have our own inhouse copywriter and expand our offering again

November 2021:
The Attention Seeker moves out of Claire and Stanley's home and into their first real office at Commercial Bay

December 2021:
The Attention Seeker has its first Decompression Week before Christmas, and Stanley makes the team jump off the Skytower

April 2022:
Tara, Alex & Connor join the team and scale up our creative team allowing us to produce even more content

May 2022:
The Attention Seeker moves into its first legit Studio Office in Grey Lynn, a space that will allow us to scale our content production even further. With dedicated studio spaces and equipment, the sky is the limit for our creations.
Chris joins the team as our first full-time photographer, allowing us to produce even more content for clients.

June 2022:
Sophie & Jony join the team. We now have a dedicated Marketing Coordinator and TikTok star to push our content creation abilities further.

September 2022:
The Attention Seeker Studio is finally finished. We now have everything we need to help our clients content go to the next level.

October 2022:


Stanley Expression

Stanley Henry

grumpy old man

Claire Expression

Claire wallace

The actual boss

Aleisha Expression

Aleisha Stevenson

office aunty

Nathan James

Glorified Babysitter

Libby Expression

Libby Cornwall

International woman of mystery

Sophie Expression

sophie Randell

wednesday addams


Mini stAN

SAm sinnott

The soggiest

Chris Expression

Chris Morgan

Beverly Hills Ninja

Connor ransley

Scooter kid

Jony Expression

jony lee

gen z personified



tyla browne

jony's assistant

mel wong

spicy pisces

danya malate


vanessa AVILA

latina mamma


"These guys are amazing! Stanley and Olivia were so generous with their time and expertise. They truly genuinely care about helping people to succeed and it's evident this is at the core of their business. Check out Stanley's videos online too (Digital Boost and also Youtube) - he has great advice, and shares it in such a captivating way. I have watched several hours of his content and it is just awesome. Thank you so much Attention Seeker. I am really grateful!"
"Stanley and his team are AMAZING! It's early days since we've been working with The Attention Seekers and they've already added so much value to our team and understanding of social media marketing and how to get the best out of LinkedIn. We are a B2B business and they understand what we want to achieve and have provided some fantastic insights, education, advice and direction on how to grow, and get more leads in the most cost effective manner. I'd highly recommend."
"When you work with The Attention Seeker you are getting access to a team of experts to help you grow your business.Their mix of skill and expertise helps from creativity through to execution.I could not recommend highly enough - a team of truly awesome people to work with."
"I have had the pleasure of working with The Attention Seeker team over past few months.Krupa has been outstanding in helping me come up with a social media strategy that fits me and my business perfectly.The amount of leads generated through their LinkedIn outreach has blown me away.I highly recommend the Attention Seeker to anyone looking to up their social media presence.Thanks team!"
rob tinkler
"I have been a client of The Attention Seeker for 9 months now. It’s been the most incredible experience to be so taken care of through the whole process of having my LinkedIn being managed by them. My personal and company brand has expanded rapidly, and I’m being sought after for my expertise to speak and present to many organizations."
Drew knowles
"The team at Attention Seeker are like no other!  If you are looking for a professional brand studio that are totally on their game when it comes to reaching your ideal clients by leveraging your companies visual identity through social media the team at The Attention Seeker are for you!"
lisa coletta

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